• Don't be a dick. “Being a dick” includes, but is not limited to, any of the following behavior:
    • Discrimination against any group along lines of gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, or illness, condoning any of these behaviors, or otherwise giving the mods reason to believe you have been knowingly punching down against any vulnerable group in general.
    • Harassing or doxxing people, repeatedly messaging or tagging people after they have clearly asked that you cease doing so, attempting to incite or encourage dogpiling, or otherwise giving people a reason to feel threatened or unsafe using this platform. You don't need to round up an angry mob, just report it to the mods and we’ll deal with it.
    • If there are reports of someone just generally being shitty in a way that isn't covered above, the mods will have a chat with them and tell them to formally Knock It Off. If their shitty behavior continues, they will be banned at the mods’ discretion.

  • Stuff you can't post:
    • No sexual depictions of children of any kind, at all, ever, period.
    • Automated crossposting from twitter/tumblr/facebook -> Mastodon is allowed, but you must engage with the community. No “set it and forget it” accounts.
    • No uncredited art. All art must be appropriately credited to whoever made it. Memes don't count. Drawn memes are a grey area.
    • No spamming.
    • No bots.
    • No brands.
    • You can't make an account if you're under 13 (because of COPPA and some other laws, sorry.)

  • Stuff you can post, but you gotta CW it:
    • NSFW and Gore should be CWed appropriately, as should any potentially triggering material (violence, abuse, mental illness, etc). Other CWs are encouraged (pol, news, drug ment, etc) but will not be strictly enforced.
    • Any sort of link to a page where someone can exchange their work for money (Patreon, Etsy, PayPal, Gumroad, Kickstarter, Shopify, etc) should also be CWed as such.
    • However, links to personal blogs, portfolios, and donation pages are perfectly fine and do not need to be CWed. If your website has a store or a Patreon link somewhere on it, it doesn't need to be CWed unless the link goes DIRECTLY to that store or Patreon page.

Raconteur.ink is a general-purpose creative instance. That means that rather than being mainly geared towards visual art, we are equally receptive to any and all creative disciplines! This includes writing, music, visual art, videos, game design, animation, stage plays, audio drama, knitting, worldbuilding, blacksmithing, woodworking, glassblowing, papercraft, special-effects makeup, whatever.