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The golden rule of raconteur.ink is that collaboration is better than competition. Other artists should be seen as colleagues, not opponents. Clout and follower counts don't matter here, and that mindset should be left at the door.

People here should be willing to share their expertise. Are you a hardened veteran? Great! Are you a complete beginner? Excellent! Whether you've got a lot to teach, or a willingness to learn, there's room for every level of skill and experience!

On a similar note, don't feel forced to try and fit your art into a box! We want to encourage people to create as organically as possible, and that means making what you want, not what's popular or marketable! Work on developing an original style just as much as the nuts-and-bolts aspect of your craft!

And finally, nothing is ever created in a vacuum! In addition to what you make, we want to see what you draw inspiration from as well! Share and collect anything you find, references, moodboards, aesthetic blogs, or just other art that you find interesting! (Appropriately credited, of course.) By pooling our collective interests, we can create fertile ground for developing artists to discover and grow!