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Technically this would be legal because most of them are public figures and this is a "parody"

There should be a TV show that's set in the year 2106, and it's like nazi hunters but it follows a group of people who hunt down and kill the CEOs and lobbyists responsible for climate change, and also it should use their real names and faces.

"Hey so apparently the ocean is full of huge fuckin monsterfish. What do you say we load a bunch of drunken sailors into one of our extremely fragile wooden ships and go try and kill one."
"Yeah alright, I've heard worse ideas"

Whales are the closest thing you're going to get to Kaiju and we literally hunted them for a while. They didn't even come to us, we went to them.

Reading about whaling is wild because it makes you realize there was a whole ass industry centered around hunting literal fuckin sea monsters for a while there

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I definitely think this is a result of the fact that "not having kids" is considered a socially valid life choice for the first time in like, ever maybe.

And I think that's a good thing! Raising kids is mad hard, and not everyone can do it. Sometimes you're just not equipped to physically, financially, and emotionally support another human being for 18+ years. And that's fine! Better to realize that now instead of fucking up some future person's whole life.

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An SCP alternate universe where the foundation is chronically underfunded and needs to find creative ways of saving money

Honestly I really think it'd be nice to run this instance as a co-op but that would require having more than two active users

Drawing giant spirographs on all the walls of my room

Races would be more interesting if everyone had to drive the same car, and if it wasn't even a particularly interesting car. I wanna see all the racecar drivers trying to handle a 2007 Ford Explorer.

Alright he's all packed up and headed home with the dog in tow

What a great fucking video

His outer jacket froze solid overnight :0


He's even making a little somethin so his dog can have a hot meal :)

He even explains how to make the dish he's making for dinner I love it

Oooo he found little critter tracks! Maybe a mole or a squirrel or something? He doesn't know

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