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*mastodon user voice* hey comrade. i care about you. i know it’s tough out here, like soul-destroying awful every day, but i know you’re strong and i know that together we’ve got the strength to make it. good luck in all your endeavors ❤️✊️

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When there's lichen growing on an old board............ I Love That

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I have a tshirt on me right now which could basically be the header piture of your toot.

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the background cells are all being set to undefined, which overlaps + is really a rather lovely ground.

Hot take: post-apocalyptic fiction is so popular because people desperately want to live lives that aren't yoked by capitalism, but are unable to even conceive of such a thing happening without the world ending first

What if the weird lights that people see in the sky and think are UFOs are really just the error messages of the reality simulation

Clive Barker is maybe the best person you could have picked to write a YA book because he Does Not Fuck Around

Honestly, Clive Barker is my author goals. I wanna be able to do an extremely whimsical long-term passion project like Abarat.

My favorite thing about the abarat series is that Clive Barker made the illustrations first and then kind of thought of the book later

Places like this remind me that on some fundamental level, people really don't change, and I think that's nice.

I love markets, because what a market looks like has remained more or less unchanged for tens of thousands of years. Sure the food and equipment and stuff is different, but the core of it is still essentially the same. You could take someone born in 6000 BC, drop them right here, and they'd go "oh, ok, this is a market."

Learn art from the seasons

Spring - Detail
Summer - Depth
Fall - Color Theory
Winter - Contrast

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The ad tech complex is not a genie, unable to be put back into its bottle, but a lich who may yet be destroyed via its phylactery - the collective trust that the world economic system has placed in its basic claim that going through everyone's underwear drawer is the key to their essential identity and future behavior. Each blow to that trust is a step closer to the system crumbling.

I love Porpentine because she writes things with aesthetics like "Postcyberpunk Vaporwave Hell"

We should be working harder to domesticate capybaras. They're super chill around everyone and everything. The Ommnifriend.

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