Similarities between truckers and pirates:

- involved in shipping
- sense of camaraderie
- go for long stretches of time without bathing
- hate the government
- their dialect is incomprehensible to outsiders

Hot take: truckers occupy a similar niche in the cultural psyche that pirates do, so it's only a matter of time before we get a huge influx of trucker-themed media. Mark my words.

Oooooo how did you make this? My site is SO BULKY, I've been looking into ways to slim down

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I love what @kodedninja did with his site. Clutter-free and focused on the content. We need more sites like this.

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Hi! I'm Rascal, I just joined and I'm a cartoonist and animator! I've been drawing and animating for 5 years! ✨

✨ Main Insta: Rad.Rascal
✨ Ask Insta: Rogue.Raccoon
✨ Youtube: Rad Rascal

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It makes me uncomfortable how people have adopted corporate language when talking about themselves on the internet. You are not a corporation or a persona. You are a whole person.

You don't have a "brand" – you have passions and interests. You don't "create content" – you share thoughts, words, ideas, knowledge, and a whole galaxy of other things.

There are plenty of people out there who want to categorise you and put you in a box. Don't help them to do this.

You're so much more than that. 💚

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what kind of vapid and tasteless bore thinks that the value of fiction is that it tells "coherent" stories??? seriously

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Here on mastodon what's relevant in pop culture does not matter at all.

What's on Netflix? Who cares because apparently DS9 is the only relevant show now.

Current events!? Ha! Try obscure mideval history on for size!

You can't even throw out an indie music song with less than 93 views here without it hitting one of their fans chilling out here on the fedi.

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when you die your skeleton clambers out of your mouth and is judged by the almighty

Yeah he was here for a bit but then he left again

Now if only I could finally get langdon on here

Hex is heeere, hex is here, he said he'd never join Mastodon but he's here anywaaaaay, hee hee hee, I was right, o happy day

Astronauts don't have blood. Their veins are stuffed full of raven's feathers, so that they can maintain buoyancy in the darkness.

Which is a worse thing to see right outside your window at 3am:

- Owl with a human face
- Human with an owl face

This is exactly what I do as well but I swear, Barker is just like "Kaspar Wolfswinkel, DONE"

Astronaut skulls are perfectly round, without eye sockets, mandibles, or interruptions of any kind.

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