Here's something I think is cool about succulents: whenever one part of the plant gets sick or dies, the rest of it goes "Alright well that part's dead, let's seal it off and suck out ALLLLLLLLLL the water so we can still use it."

When you decide to clean the whole house in order to avoid doing actual work but the house is already clean because you did that yesterday

Ah, another day on Mastodon. It seems like everyone is talking about bad dragon dildos and letterists international today. Lovely! I wonder what they're talking about on Twitter?


Oh god.

Anyway, here's a name in this currently unnamed script


You ever just spend several hours writing a completely incomprehensible code for no reason

I love katars because they're like, what if a Fist was also a Knife

So I'm currently reading "The Unimaginable Mathematics of Borges' Library of Babel" and oh my God this fuckin guy

I'm going through my old writing notes and found this gem

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