It is now Mail Appreciation Hour

Yeah, [insert governing body] is terrible at [insert social grievance], but at least the postal service works pretty damn well. Shoutout to postal workers.

For real tho, the postal service works with an insane degree of accuracy considering the amount of moving parts and potential for human error involved. Imagine if things like public transit worked as well as the postal service does.

(also, shout-out to the American Postal Workers Union)

@ELJ1 Shout out to their union too which represents one of the most diverse work forces in the entire country!

@ELJ1 honestly when I see a package is being shipped by USPS I'm relieved vs the panic of FedEx and the dread of "Laszer Shipping" (which is some guy in a minivan)

@ELJ1 also wild how well it works considering that republicans have been trying to murder it for two decades

Oh yeah definitely like considering the shoestring budget they've been given

@ELJ1 except in Denmark. Our postal service hasn't been this slow to deliver regular letters, since they used horses.
The official time to deliver a letter is "up to five workdays" in a country that almost fits in a 300km x 300km square.

(I realise it's not the fault of hard working postal workers, but rather extreme budget cuts and possibly bad business decisions)

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