I'm bored so for every boost this gets I will do one free D&D character idea

1. A thief with a magical arm of hot red iron, gained through a pact with one of the Lesser Barons of Hell. Due to a clever explot of the terms of the agreement, the devil in question is currently trapped inside of her large and friendly dog.

2. An anarchist preacher, who frequently veers off into fire-and-brimstone sermons on equity and the evils of hierarchy, known for inspiring several minor riots and openly criticizing the high practitioners of his own religion. He is currently on the run from both the church and the law for being a doubly corrupting influence on the citizenry.

3. A druid who can talk to plants, and is consequently a strict carnivore. Apparently plants are nice, but animals are dicks.

4. A shipwrecked merchant from a far away land. He brought nothing with him except for a colossal amount of now useless currency. It's not even gold, it's like, shells or something. He is utterly convinced that all the people here are just too stupid to recognize money, and keeps trying to buy things with it.

5. A dwarf who once ate a weird mushroom and had the most colossal trip of their lives, which culminated in them having the idea for Bitcoin. Computers have not been invented, and will not be invented for another several hundred years.

6. A fighter with a very sheltered upbringing which has culminated in him thinking that he is the hero of the realm, beloved by all, despite the fact that everyone generally just thinks of him as yet another buff idiot and generally have no idea who he is.

7. A kind old man who fell in love with a handsome forest spirit, culminating in their eventual marriage. Apparently that counts as a pact with a magical being because whoops he's a warlock now. He just wants to stay at home and live a peaceful life but his husband keeps roping him into quests under the pretense of "date night".

8. A cleric who has sworn to purge injustice from the world, but also he can only kill people if they violate the byzantine moral laws of his order, which are several thousand years old and very open to interpretation.

9. A monk who has decided that the world would be a better place without violence, so she has decided to summon the God of Violence and beat the shit out of him. The irony of this plan is completely lost on her, but she's making good headway on the first part.

10. An orc barbarian who has an intelligence of 5, can't read, but somehow has encyclopedic knowledge of anything that might have value. Show him an object and he'll tell you exactly how much it's worth. Show him a coin and he can tell you where it was minted, when, and its exact chemical composition. He knows a ton about art history and antiques, but only so he can detect forgeries.

11. A whaler who believes that all oceans are fundamentally connected across ur-space, and that traveling to new dimensions is only a matter of sailing with the right heading. He is attempting to construct a compass with new directions that proves this.

12. A natural-born antimage. He does not believe in magic, because he has never seen it, because all magic stops working within about 200 feet of him. He is convinced that everyone except him is an idiot, and is widely thought of as an intolerable prick.

13. A painter who is currently on a treacherous quest to another continent. They have heard that deep within the jungle, there is a species of orchid which when dried and ground, produces the exact shade of powder blue that is required to complete their magnum opus.

14. A rouge assasin-golem, who broke free of their geas and has since become a proponent of chaos theory and staunch consequentialist. They believe that a new era of peace and light lasting a thousand years can be ushered in with the death of only one person, and have spent some forty-odd years painstakingly trying to determine who that person might be.

15. A druid who has decided that she will reach space by any means necessary, because space the only environment still untouched by man.

16. A simple farmer, completely mundane in every way. Except for that he claims to be from Lemuria, a continent which does not exist. No one really knows what his deal is, but he'd really like to get home. He misses his cat.

17. A plucky and impossibly naive boy-wizard with the worst cockney accent you've ever heard. His begrudging adult caretaker finds him annoying in the extreme, and will attempt to pawn him off to the first semi-legitimate school of magic he can find.

18. The handyman-terrorist from Brazil (1985)

Oh Lord I forgot I said this. Do I have to do more of these

@ELJ1 I think I played this once. The DM cancelled the campaign after 2 sessions.

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