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Hello fellow inklings! (That's what I'm calling users on this instance and you can't stop me).

I am a nonbinary writer of and fiction, most of which can be found at Influence include Thomas Ligotti, Caitlyn R Kiernan, Neil Gaiman, and the Obvious One.

I am a recent convert to and anarcho syndicalism. I enjoy Tabletop , especially and . I do lets plays of DnD 5e, which can be found at

So I discovered Twine, and now I'm writing that sci-fi idea, but as a choose your own adventure game. Patrons of mind are gonna get updates on it's development, but when it's live I plan on making it free for everybody for as long as I can.

It's finally here! is live. Currently an open instance, but please read the rules before joining.

This is a #WriteFreely instance devoted to #SFF and other genres of fiction.

There is also a public feed for anyone who wants to see what kind of stuff is being written:

The focus will be on fiction, mostly , but the instance will be open to other genres as well. The domain is

Ok, to clarify; it's happening. I bought the domain and everything. It'll be set up sometime in the next twenty-four hours. Stay tuned for when it goes live.

one of my lecturers posted a picture of his kids in the louvre and it looks like a screen from a swedish arthouse film

If I were to host a write freely community, would anybody from this instance be interested in joining?


@socalledunitedstates @DarklyScrawled @queeranarchism

The difference in policing by LPs of white vs. Non white/ apparently poor vs. anyone else is so large that i argue that privledged anarchists should ALWAYS be stealing for their comrades. Like if ur at a store, u should probably have a shopping list of things ur friends want/need. Defs learn a bunch about how to do it safely... but like be gay! Do crimes!

@starwall_e gave up conspiring to murder humans for proselytizing to them?

If Jesus joined Masto, he would forgive us.

The more I think about it, the more it feels in line with my own ethics to get my story published on my own or with a small time publisher, so that I'm not putting my product on amazon if I can at all avoid it.

@socalledunitedstates @DarklyScrawled @queeranarchism plus! privileged anarchists have a better chance of succeeding at stealing. the only reason I get away with it so much is cause everyone thinks I'm this harmless little white girl. privileged anarchists can steal things their less privileged comrades need, because they will face less consequences if they are caught, and they're less likely to be caught in the first place

#Amazon treats its warehouse workers badly, pays very little tax and tracks its users. Its #Kindle platform will delete books that people have already bought.

Here are some updated ethical alternatives to #AmazonBooks, Kindle and #GoodReads:

Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions for alternatives, if you have any more suggestions (or feedback on these alternatives) please reply to this post.

#Kindle #Goodreads #Privacy #DeleteAmazon #DeleteKindle #DRM #eBooks #Books

"My message is that if we do not care about the climate crisis and if we do not act now then almost no other question is going to matter in the future," Thunberg, who has Asperger's syndrome, said. "Why should I be studying for a future that soon may not exist?"

Greta Thunberg


@queeranarchism @socalledunitedstates at my last job I had a pleasant conversation with the LP person assigned to my department while putting a stolen dress into my bag. Several times. I also regularly stole food from the grocery and ate it for lunch. If you aren't going to pay me enough to eat or have clothes I'll just take the difference 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

Any of you miss the era when British writers wrote their entire fucking novels in pseudo Earlie Modairne Spelinge? yeah neither do i

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